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2016-04-06· In my state (GA), one MUST have an HVAC license to sell scrap HVAC parts to the scrap yard. Now for the details: You have a furnace, a coil, and an outdoor unit. ALL THREE, will need to be taken apart, using some special tools.

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A 2 ton air conditioner should be able to cover a maximum of 2,000sf. What is the 3.5 Ton AC Unit Cost Installed? The cost to install a 3.5 ton AC unit will range between $3,500 and $5,000.

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2013-07-30· This is a video about the right (legal) way to scrap an A/C unit. Remember that it is illegal to just bust it open and let the refrigerant off into the air.

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scrap prices for a central air unit in evansville. How much would someone get to scrape a 2 and a half ton ... a 3 ton ac unit? Central air unit scrap prices. ... a 2 and a half ton ac and heating compresser .

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scrapping a 2 ton unit Scrap value for scrapping copper and aluminum from.ton … how much copper can i get out of aton air conditioner unit, how much copper inton ac, how much copper inton air …

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2009-07-10· How to cut your electric bill in half free ideas part 3 clothes dryer Missouri Wind and Solar - Duration: 11:28. MissouriWindandSolar 3,359,537 views

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2010-08-18· i have a 3.5 ton a/c unit (the out side part) i want to break it down and recycle it in order to get the most out of it i know theres some copper and aluminium in it so my question is the fins (i am taling about the out side part that bends easy if you push on it) are aluminium right?

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The size of an air handler is related to the size of the condensing unit. The air handler is a fan blower, that blows the cold or hot air from the condenser unit outside or to the rest of the house.

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Also known as compressors…sealed units are found all over the place. Filled with copper (similar to that of an electric motors) sealed units are used in air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances that are meant to cool down rooms or food.

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Central air conditioner units how to scrap. How many ton air conditioning unit do i need for 1800 square feet house? What ton unit heat pump for 1800 square feet? Scrap heating elements in central air units. Zip code 93710; what is the average cost of complete duct work on a 2000 sq ft home? I have a home with 1200 sq ft and 10 foot ceiling. i have 8 inches of blown in paper insulation in the ...

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2013-08-02· I just scrapped out a 3 ton condenser coil, 3 ton evap coil, and a 5 ton evap coil last weekend. Total wieght for all was 50 lbs at $1.25 per lbs. Sorry i didnt answer your question exactly. Total wieght for all was 50 lbs at $1.25 per lbs. Sorry i didnt answer your question exactly.

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The scrap metal collector, as the frontline participant in the scrap supply chain, is a supplier to scrap dealers. Scrappers perform an indispensable service in ensuring that end-of-life metal is collected and diverted into the recycling stream for reuse.

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A scrap air conditioner is a great source of materials. Within the information below on how to recycle an old air conditioner, you'll learn a few common things as …

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A/C Units HOME OF THE HIGHEST PRICE PAID GUARANTEE. Contact Capital Scrap Metal to find out how to scrap an air conditioner! Air conditioners contain a number of different materials such as aluminum, copper, wiring, and electric motors.

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Scrapping an Old Central Air Conditioner: Is It Worth the ... While not everyone has the time, resources or ability to scrap their old central air conditioners, they are still worth money even if they are sold to a scrapyard as a sealed unit.

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2008-07-16· I have a 35 year old whirlpool 1.5 ton central air unit that is being replaced with a new one. The installer I hired to put in the new unit keeps telling me he could "take the old unit off my hands".

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Air Conditioner Disposal Tips: How to Recycle or Sell Your AC Unit April 26, 2016 13 Comments Share Air conditioners are some of the most common appliances in the country, and certainly among the most frequently purchased products on our website.

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depending on the size of the unit i took 2.5 ton off and made$60.00 off it and the copper lines that connect it $27.00 so if you have an old unit it is worth taking off .

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DO Yoy need to Replace the lineset on a new air conditoner. It is best to replace when possible, It will make the new unit last longer. The polyolester oil in the new R410A systems will clean the old lines on the inside and can plugup the expansion device or filter dryer.

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I have a 3 ton split unit with a horizontal air handler in the attic. i have a packaged 3 ton unit i would like to install as a back up unit to be use? How much should i pay for 300.7g of scrap silver?

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Scrapping appliances such heating and cooling units for metal has become a popular and profitable way to earn extra money. According to the All Quality Heating, Air and Refrigeration website, "one AC coil could fetch between $50 to $100 in copper."

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How to scrap a 2 ton ac unit?Scrap metal in 3 ton ac. …ton and 10-ton air-conditioning units …scrap metal inside — the long coils of copper that serve … »More detailed. Goodman 5 Ton Air Conditioners for sale at wholesale prices. Get Goodman 5 Ton Air Conditioner (AC) from 13 SEER, 14 SEER, 16 SEER and 18 SEER AC for sale at Factory Furnace Outlet. To get additional discount add to ...

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With all types of air conditioning units out there, Rockaway Recycling will be able to pick up your Scrap Industrial Air Conditioners at your job site with one of our …

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The air handler unit will probably be in the basement, garage or some lower level room of the house. Locate and remove screws. Using a flat head screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws securing the lower lid of the unit.

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One of the more common scrap items during the warmer months, air conditioners are very easy items to take apart for scrap metal inside but require some work.

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I have 2 Trane 19lxi communicating units. 3 ton and 2.5 ton. The stage1 heat only blows 80 degree air at any outside air temp. Stage 2 will blow 100 degree air but only cycles in for a few minutes at

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How much should a 3 ton central air system cost – Does … Does a 13 seer 2 ton air conditioner unit … for scrap metal. How many watts does the average … a 16 seer unit? 3 ton electric heat and cool unit …

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2 Ton Goodman Air Handler "VARIABLE SPEED" AVPTC25B14 FREE Heat Strip ! PLUS If we have to match a price.We will give you FREE GOODMAN POLOSHIRT! Air Handler Model#AVPTC25B14. FREE 10 Kw Heat stri... PLUS If we have to match a price.We will give you FREE GOODMAN POLOSHIRT!

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How To Scrap An Air Conditioning Unit | Scrap Metal Junkie This entry in the Scrapper's Handbook is an overview to recycling an AC unit for the copper, aluminum, … I have a 3 ton condenser that died.

Scrap Ac Unit, Scrap Ac Unit Suppliers and Manufacturers ... offers 226 scrap ac unit products. About 66% of these are copper scrap, 22% are refrigeration equipment, and 6% are air-compressors. A wide variety of scrap ac unit options are available to you, such as copper wire, copper radiators, and used copper rail.