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Troops of the First Battalion, Fifth Marines fight a bitter battle against NVA forces in Quang Tin province, 60 miles west of Tam Ky. In Thailand, a U.S.-built air base is opened in Sattahib.

Casualties for the USMC 9th Engineers. Some gave all.

Of Hamilton, Ohio, born May 22, 1946. In-Country date is unknown. Died at 20 years of age, January 13, 1967, at Quang Tin, Republic of South Viet Nam due to hostile action, explosive device Location on Wall: Panel 14E Line 023

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Battle of Quang Tri (1968) ... 53-5 The 2nd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division was also moved into Quảng Trị Province in late January, reinforcing the two brigades of the 1st Cavalry in the area. Battle ... American helicopter gunships and artillery hit the K6 Battalion hard causing significant further casualties. By nightfall on the ...

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History 1-1 in Vietnam. ... On 2 January 196S, LTC Walter Cousland took command of the squadron. ... The squadron, terminated operations in Quang Tin Province on 3 March these were known to the 196th Brigade as Operation Frederick Hill.


casualties by reported province of casualty code _province__ enl off total "03" quang nam 6140 340 6480 "01" quang tri 5072 327 5399 "02" thua thien 1164 78 1242 "04" quang tin 773 56 829 "05" quang ngai 516 33 549 "07" binh dinh 13 5 18

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United States casualties were described officially as light. In the ground war, meanwhile, South Vietnamese Government and Vietcong regiments fought in a confused and furious battle in Quang Tin Province, about halfway between the United States coastal enclaves at Chu Lai and Danang.

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The Hanoi government revealed on April 4 that the true civilian casualties of the Vietnam War were 2,000,000 in the north, and 2,000,000 in the south. Military casualties were 1.1 million killed and 600,000 wounded in 21 years of war.

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Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa May 23, 2016. Of the 115,000 Iowans who served in the Vietnam War, 869 were killed in action, 56 of whom were from North Iowa. Their names are inscribed on the Iowa Vietnam War Monument, which was dedicated Memorial Day, 1984 on state capitol grounds.

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Jun 12, 2015· On January 9, the crew was on a mission over Quang Tin province (now part of Quang Nam Province), South Vietnam, when the Huey was struck by ground fire, causing it to crash and explode in a North Vietnamese bunker and trench system.

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1971 in the Vietnam War. ... 1 January. U.S. military personnel in South Vietnam totaled 334,600 on 31 December 1970. 5 January. ... Several dozen North Vietnamese sappers infiltrated Fire Support Base Mary Ann in Quang Tin province and killed 30 American soldiers. Mary Ann was scheduled to be turned over the South Vietnamese and the U.S ...

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In the first week of 1968 the 196th Infantry Brigade sent elements of three infantry battalions into the Hiep Duc Valley in Quang Tin Province - 2/1st Infantry, 3/21st Infantry, 4/31st Infantry. By 04 Jan the units were having increased contact with VC and NVA forces.

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The event occurred in Quang Tin Province, South Vietnam, between May 10 and May 12, 1968. In January 1968, the People's Army of Vietnam's (PAVN or NVA) 2nd Division tried to capture the city of Da Nang as part of the Tet Offensive, but their attacks were quickly blunted by elements of the U.S. 1st Marine Division, the Americal Division and ...

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Died in Quang Tin Province. Michael Bierdron. Pfc. Micahel Peter Biedron, 25, of Cedar Lake, Army. Died in Dinh Tuong Province. Daniel Bruce. ... Vietnam Casualties; Northwest Indiana;

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On January 6, 1968, at the age of 23, Bromley Howard German perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Tin. Lieutenant German was laid to rest with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery, Section 31, Grave 6629.

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minished, by casualties and evacuation. By May 1966 there were very few fire fights. The American patrols ... In January 1967 the VC sapper battalion ... Ly Tin district of Quang Tin Province is an average district, physically speaking, in the coastal-lowlands plain of I Corps. ...


Nam, Quang Tin, and Quang Ngai. This area was ... The casualties mounted ... Duc Pho, the southernmost district of Quang Ngai Province, had been under Communist in-

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TAO: Southwest of Tam Ky in the Quang Tin Province. ... 1967, and officially became part of the Americal Division on 10 January, 1968. The 198th Infantry Brigade remained responsible for securing the immediate area around Chu Lai. WHEELER WALLOWA. TAO: Quang Nam and Quang Tin Provinces (Tam Ky). ... At LZ Center, the airstrike provided an ...

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September 6, 1967 The ARVN killed 219 of the enemy in the vicinity of Tam Ky, the capital of Quang Tin Province. 29 were detained and 195 weapons captured. ARVN casualties

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He was killed on September 8 1966 in the province of Quang Tri in South Vietnam 20 YEARS OF CONFLICT: THE VIETNAM WAR It began in 1955 and would continue until the …

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casualties in quang tin province on january 9 1970. List of Medal of Honor recipients for the Vietnam War ... January 9, 1970 Repeatedly exposed himself and his armored personnel carrier to enemy fire in order to protect the other soldiers of his unit and after his vehicle was disabled, he stayed behind and was killed while providing covering fire so others could withdraw.

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The action resulted in five enemy killed and no friendly casualties. During the afternoon of Feb. 20 in the region's Quang Tin Province, an element of the 196th Bde., on a search operation 19 miles west of Tam Ky, received ground fire from an undetermined-size enemy force. Small arms fire was exchanged.

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COVER: Men of the 1st Battalion, 9th Ma- rines wait to board the amphibious transport Paul Revere at Da Nang, during the first phase of the withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam. Department ...

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For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as Chaplain of the 3d Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division (Reinforced), Fleet Marine Force, in connection with operations against enemy forces in Quang Tin Province, Republic of Vietnam on 4 September 1967.

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List of allied military operations of the Vietnam War (1969) Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is a list of known ... Quảng Ngãi Province: 239: 5 Jan 15 – 20: ... Quang Tin and Quảng Ngãi Provinces: 7,524: 600 Mar 18 – Feb 28 1971:

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Lance Cpl. Steve Marcombe of Westwego, was a rifleman in the 3 rd Battalion, 5 th Marines, and was killed in a firefight in Quang Tin Province on June 2, 1967. He was 20. He was 20.

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Casualties Summaries Hero's Birthdays: Casualties Summaries. Albanese - Cook ... In QUANG TIN, SOUTH VIETNAM HOSTILE, DIED OF WOUNDS, GROUND CASUALTY GUN, SMALL ARMS FIRE Body was recovered VVM Panel 20E - Line 108. Bollard #: 181: JAMES NEWTON SWEET: Marine Corps - 1LT - O2: Age: 23:

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Feb 13, 2012· Vietnam War Airborne 1968 ... than U.S. forces in Quang Tin Province suffered what was, without doubt, the most serious American defeat of the war. ... U.S. casualties …

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During 20-23 January, a temporary cease fire was proclaimed in honor of the lunar new year (Tet), although minor clashes continued throughout this period. During February and March, U.S. intelligence reported heavy North Vietnamese Army infiltration from Laos and across the demilitarized zone into Quang Tri Province.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Greater Rochester. Bollard #:125: FRANCIS SCOTT BECHTOLD : Army - PFC - E3: Age: 20: Race: Caucasian

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These individuals earned the Navy Medal of Honor during the period specified.Their names are followed by their rank and rate, if known, the date of the action and the vessel or unit on which they served. BALLARD, DONALD E., Hospital Corpsman Second Class, U.S. Navy, Company M, 3d Battalion, 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division., Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam, 16 May 1968.

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1 company of Viet Cong reported. Casualties: U.S. - 1 WIA; NVA/VC - 1 KIA. August 1965-January 1966: The 1st Marines of the 1st Marine Division arrives in South Vietnam. They are stationed at Chu La; (I Corps: Quang Tin Province). 6-7 August 1965: Operation Thunderbolt. Locations: I Corps; Quang

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On the night of 30-31 January the Saigon area was hit by a series of mortar:and ground ... main reception desk~ No casualties have been .re­ ... Quang Nam - Quang Tin province border--and in the area surrounding Chu Lai. Approximately 15

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The 1968 Tet Offensive Battles of Quang Tri City and Hue In early 1968, General William C. Westmoreland saw signs of hope and progress in a stubborn …